Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog post here.

There will be one shortly. I know I'm slacking. In my defense I've tried to update twice and the internet has eaten my post. I'm in the process of writing one currently but I'm going to Walmart now so you'll have to wait.  

So, I should be doing something more productive (like cleaning out my trunk so my family's luggage will fit in it or packing my bag for the hotel with them) but I bad because I said I would update after Walmart that night and I didn't. So much to catch up on. After my last post I went to work until 6:30 and then headed back home to Georgia. By the time I actually got on the road it was almost 7:30 which put me back home at almost 2:30 (yes, in the morning) because the drive took me EXACTLY 7 hours. I was personally impressed. I gave my dog a spaz attack because apparently she thought she'd never see me again and I'd like to say I went to bed, but I took advantage of having good internet at home to watch the episode of LOST I had missed. I woke up on Sunday and went down to the  Georgia World Congress Center to help set up with PCC and whatnot and hung out with my family and other cool people I hadn't seen in a long time. Some of them in a VERY long time (Bethany!!!). Monday I woke up early and went to hang out with Cheriiise at Starbucks because I love her and because I miss doing that. I waited until her shift ended and we went and exchanged some of my jeans at the mall and then went to my house and colored Disney Princess pictures while watching the worst (BEST) Hallmark movie, Elevator Girl. Then I went to see my grandmother and I also went to see my daddy. I went home to grab the rest of my stuff and head back down to Orrrlando but my sister convinced me to go to Target with her so I may or may not have gotten on the road at 9:30 (therefore putting me home at 4:30). So while the trip home pretty much drained me of all energy I've ever had, it was worth it and I got a lot done/got to see a lot of people while I was home. 

Later that week, on Thursday and Friday (or Friday and Saturday?) I had GAMES TRAINING! They finally rescheduled it (if you remember correctly, my trainer called in sick- if you don't remember correctly, you don't win a prize... okay you don't win one anyway) and it was a blast. I don't understand why so many people complain about it. Yes, you're outside (but I like that part) and yes you're spieling (I like that part, too) but you get to see people and talk to people and NOT listen to the music inside of Chester and Hester's. I've only worked in games for like an hour since my training but I hope to be out there more soon. 

Monday was my day off and I spent the first half of the day basking in the sun on the balcony (okay not really basking I was wearing jeans) and playing guitar while trying to decide if I'm going to audition for Night of Stars. The second half of the day I went to Hollywood Studios with my Boo Boo Bear (Christine) and we were total tourists complete with matching t-shirts (that we bought) and Mickey ice creams (which I've been wanting for like 3 weeks now). It was fun and something that I really needed. Tuesday I woke up with a fever and called in because an 11 hour shift in the rain didn't really seem like the thing to fix that. Yesterday I didn't feel great but I had no fever so I rocked my 9 hour photo shift like a pro (or like a crazy person... example: I was playing with two of our toy dinosaurs and making them roar at each other and fight/eat each other until I realized guests could see me). 

Today I'm picking my family up at the airport which means I need to clean out my car which means I need to go. I'll leave you with my favorite game spiel.

"Come on over to BrontoScore! Just one voucher for one try, two vouchers for three tries. Yes, that's right come test your BrontoScore and aim for the stars!"