Thursday, February 4, 2010

Because I love you.

No but seriously. That's the only reason I'm updating right now. Haha.

Yesterday was so intense. I started out the day on register 101 and finished out the day on... register 101. I wish I was kidding. Aside from 30 minutes when I was sent up to Dino Photo because they were short on people and needed someone up there, I spent the entire day on the same register. Listening to the same 7 (6? 8?) songs allllll day ("Diggin' Up Bones" anyone?). I enjoyed myself for most of it which is good. Ha. At the very end of my shift I did get out a little bit to help one of my managers close registers since you can't walk money drawers on your own. 

Today I didn't have to start until 10:30 which was awwwesome. I was out at Dino Cart (the cart at the entrance to Dinoland- across from Trilo-Bites) for the first 3 or so hours of my shift. Dino Cart is verrrrryyy slow but I got to listen to different music, smell turkey legs, and make friends with a little boy. We have these little monkey and tiger things that open and close their mouths when you pull on the handle they're attached to. They also make their respective animal sounds. The boy was slightly startled when the tiger roared and decided it would be really fun to scare me as well. He came up to me and put the tiger in my face and made it roar. I covered my eyes and screamed (quietly). He thought it was hilarious and continued to do this (eventually adding in the monkey as well) while I hid behind various parts of the cart. He's already a rocking Merchantainer at age 4 (5?). I also got to stand in the sun during this part of my shift which was awesome because my face isn't ridiculously pale anymore. What's funny is that there is a very defined triangle of sunburn on my chest in the spot that my shirt doesn't cover. Nothing else burned. It's awesome. 

So that's been my life for the last two days. Nothing too eventful, but enjoyable nonetheless. 

On a random note I haven't talked to Sarah (my roommate) since Tuesday because I'm asleep when she gets home and she's asleep when I leave. So in case you're reading this, Sarah- Hey. You're awesome. The cleanliness of your side of the room puts mine to shame. I'm sorry that my side is still messy. You better not have to work during Lost next week. I can't handle watching it on my own. I'll explode. 

On another random note I went to Target to buy a cd tonight and ended up with a really cute pair of shoes that I don't need at all. I bought them anyway because they were my present to myself for not dying yesterday. Three more days and I get a day off. :) 

For you lucky (ha! yeah right) people in school, have a happy Friday tomorrow. You get your weekend before me. :) 



  1. I suddenly LOVE reading about your merch stories! I wonder why? ;)

    I have a few questions, and I could message you on FB, but I thought I'd just do it here.

    You mentioned the cash drawers -- so at the end of your shift do you go backstage and count up your drawers to make sure you're not short money? If so, what happens if you are short or over a little bit?

    ALSO, aside from your entire day at one register, do you usually move around a lot? Like do a cart for a while, register for a while, etc?

    Thankss! Your job sounds amazing!

  2. Hey! I'm also in the Spring program in Merchandise! I'm working Tomorrowland! You're experience sounds a lot like mine- I work in all the shops, carts, and photo booths. Plus the arcade. It's a LOT to take in, and I'm super nervous because I don't have the zones memorized and I'm worried about having to ask people every time I clock in.

    Anyway, thanks for the stories! They're helpful and make me feel better about starting work on my own!!

  3. Jenn- I don't know about all locations, but in Dinoland we take our drawers back to the money room but we don't count them ourselves. :) And usually I move around to different locations depending on who they need where and who needs breaks and whatnot.

    Kelly- Tomorrowland sounds fun! Where are you living? We should hang out sometime. :)

  4. Patterson! Do you have an e-mail address or something I can reach you at?

  5. Dude,
    I'm watching you sleep right now. And my side isn't that clean. Lol, your messy side gives our room personality. And we still need to fix our towel rack that I broke, well at least let the club house know.

    Did you get my Joe Jonas note?