Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sick. :(

So Wednesday I worked from 1:30 to 10 (magic hours- otherwise AK would never be open that late) and I wasn't feeling that great. I was pumped though because I was working Dino Photo and that's a BLAST. You either work gallery which is basically gift shop merch or you work photo which is where you help guests find their photos, print them out, and sell them. I spent the majority of the day on photo which is just awesome. By the end of the night I was hurting in the health department though. My Thursday shift was supposed to be from 7:00-3:30 and dude, as much as I wanted to end my program with a clean record card, I called in. I knew I wouldn't have another day off until next Wednesday and I knew if I took a day to take care of myself it would be better in the long run than exhausting myself while trying to get well. It was a good plan until I got to work today (technically yesterday) and ended up working 4 hours at a cart in 40 degree rain. My super nice manager realized how long I had been out there and switched me out so I could be inside. She also tried to get me an ER (didn't work but it's cool I only had an hour left of my shift) and told me that I didn't have to take over my register until I felt dry and warm (that didn't happen either I just sucked it up, ha). 

Dino Cart is everyone's least favorite. I always get sent there. I spent 3 hours there today. I personally love it. For a location point of reference, it's the cart at the entrance to Dinoland- right after you come across the bridge from Discovery Island, across from Trilo-Bites (the turkey leg stand), before the dinosaur skeleton bridge, right on the part of the path that leads to the Theater in the Wild (where the Nemo show is held). It's usually very slow, but I like it because it's so easy to greet guests. At this cart you will without fail answer how to get to the park exit about every 5 minutes and direct people to Asia and Nemo almost just as much. You will also direct people to Dinosaur, Festival of the Lion King (quite a trek), and Kilimanjaro Safaris (I just feel bad giving directions to that one... "Yeah... Pretty much it's the farthest thing away from you right now. Good luck."). The only downside to Dino Cart for me is that you can smell the turkey legs and Flametree. AND dude if the wind blows the right way, you can smell the food all the way from Asia. It's torture when you're waiting for your lunch break. 

When I got home I took a ridiculously hot shower to warm up my frozen toes and fingers (still cold after my 20 minute drive with my heat blasting) and pretty much bummed around until the opening ceremony for the Olympics came on. I watched the majority of it with just one of my roommates and eventually all of the others trickled home. I love the Olympics so much. :)

Now I'm off to bed. I work tomorrow from 11-7:30 which isn't bad at all. I think we close at 7 so it's not even hardcore closing hours. I'm definitely wearing leggings under my dino pants tomorrow. :) 

Have a good night, friends!


EDIT: I forgot. It snowed 4 inches in my hometown today. Of course I missed it. :( Oh well. At least I saw some snow this year before I left. :)


  1. Do carts not close when it's rainning? I hope you feel better!

  2. We'll close the flaps on some of the sides of the carts if the merchandise is getting wet... or if it's storming or pouring ridiculously hard, the whole cart will close.

  3. I know how you feel, I spent a lot of yesterday stuck out in that rainstorm. At first I told people I was okay because I don't mind the cold, really I don't.

    Then a couple of hours later, when it got even colder and rained even harder...yesterday just sucked! Our carts closed for most of the day, though, but when they opened up again I was right back out there in the cold.

    So I know exactly how you feel! Hopefully today will be better!

  4. Even with a post like this when you were shivering out in the rain, you still make me so excited to be in merch!

    Do you get a poncho or rain gear of any kind when you're stuck outside?

  5. Katie you are one in a million. Hmm, check that, one in 6.8 billion.