Saturday, November 14, 2009

10 Things I Hate About... Oh Wait That's Wrong

More like 10 things that are random facts about me. Christine just did this and now I want to because I am such a follower. :D

1. If you doubt my lifelong love for Disney, just go watch my home videos. I just watched them for the first time and the history of my obsession is staggering.

2. Another history of mine that is staggering is the amount of times I am eating when shown in home movies. Pringles, corn, sandwiches, etc. 90% of the time there is food in my mouth.

3. I get sick. It's what I do. I currently have a double ear infection/sinus infection. Whatevs.

4. The Disneyland Fun Sing Along video is one of my favorite things ever. I fall asleep watching it frequently and I could sing the entire video from start to finish for you including all the dialog in between songs. (Side note: I've never been to Disneyland.)

5. I don't care if it's not what 20 year olds do- I like to color. 

6. I am a voracious reader. Anything and everything works for me. I love classics but my guilty pleasure is teen/young adult fiction. Yeah.

7. Unless it is Halloween or I'm expecting a pizza I will never answer the door if the doorbell rings. I'm just saying.

8. Most of the time that my away message is up I'm online. Most of the time my away message is not up, I'm away from my computer. 

9. I like math. Rather, I love math.

10. I listen to Christmas music year-round, but when people put up decorations the day after Halloween I get angry. I'm such a hypocrite. 

The end.


  1. I love you more.
    And I also love coloring, which is why we're having coloring parties on top of our weekly dance parties.. kthx :)

  2. THAT IS MY FAVORITE SING-A-LONG TOO!!!! I actually hadn't seen it in awhile and found it recently on youtube....I got really really excited.

    I love to color...... :D

  3. how come i never get invited to cool things like coloring parties. i like coloring. i even drew you like three pictures this summer, and i didn't even work with you. i want to color.... in a party like setting. :)

  4. I really hope you're talking about the sing-a-long where the characters clean the park to Whistle While You Work, and so on. Because I know it by heart too! Well, except the Villains part. I fastforwarded through it when I was a kid... I'm withholding the age range.

  5. Oh I most certainly am. :)
    I used to fast forward that part as well. Haha.