Thursday, November 5, 2009


As it turns out, the amount of nervous I was while writing that last entry was the peak of my nervousness. I actually got less and less nervous as the day went on up to the point where I really wasn't nervous at all for the judging part of the audition. Which, I don't know, I mean I kind of like having nervous energy, but oh well.

The audition was a blast. I got to jump around like an idiot and make a fool of myself to Camp Rock music. It was like having a dance party in my room, but with other people. It was nice.

Now I wait 2-3 weeks. But maybe it'll be faster like when they said my interview results would take 2-3 weeks and they took 1 on the dot. 

Also, Christine got her invitation yesterday for Merchandise and accepted it. So basically we're awesome. Even if I'm Spring and she's Spring Advantage, it still is the most exciting thing I've heard in awhile. We screamed and hugged each other in my car and it was like a movie. Haha.

Time to play the waiting game (and to pay my program fee... oops). There will be an update when I have one. :)

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