Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So apparently...

People are getting their emails today left and right (acceptance emails, that is). So I take that to mean that because my status hasn't changed and because I have not received an email that I didn't make the cut. Onward with Merchandise!

I saw people talking about requesting specific restaurants for FSFB... does anyone know if you can request a location for Merchandise? Also, people were referring to contacting their recruiter. Should I have a specific recruiter/contact information for that person? I don't...

I have done one load of laundry. Oops. Only like 7 more to go. How do I even have that many clothes? Ridiculous. I've been trying to hardcore clean my room, though, because I can't comprehend packing when everything is out of order. There is no way I'll be equipped to pack for 4 months unless my room is practically spotless. Or practically perfect in every way. Whichever happens first. 

It's hard to do things I need to do when the Disney World episode of Full House is on. The best part is the horrible music that sounds nothing like the music in the parks.

Tip of the day: Don't wait until all your clothes are dirty to wash them. It's overwhelming, ridiculous, and hard to put outfits together.


  1. You can definitely request a location for merch. People say contact your recruiter because in past seasons (every one except this one) you were given the contact information to a specific recruiter after you interviewed. This time around its general, so email wdw.college.recruiting@disney.com with a request. And remember its only a request but they'll do what they can!

  2. It's Sarah :), I emailed wdw.college.recruiting@disney.com to request a certain place. they said they'll do their best but it's not garenteed