Monday, November 23, 2009

So am I still waiting?

Yes. I am. (I also couldn't pass up the chance for a Sum 41 reference.) 

This wait is ridiculous. Crazy. Frustrating. All of the above. I'm tired of being a slave to my inbox. Just tell me already, dang it. I also really don't like the fact that people's statuses are just getting switched without an email. It just all seems poorly organized. It's also a pain to go log in and check my status mixed in with checking my email nonstop. I could always stop checking, but where's the fun in that?

On a random note, I literally am out of normal clothes to wear. It has been THAT long since I have done laundry. I am down to pajamas and summer clothes. It's sad. 

On another random note, I bought my bedding. It's from IKEA and it looks like this, except for it's the twin size one. It looks better in person. The other one I liked turned out to look stupid in real life, so yeah.

I really do need to do laundry so I'm going to go do that, but I'm going to leave you with my tip for the day (which I'm going to start doing because I'm planning on posting daily now because I have nothing better to do). I don't have real tips that are useful to everyone, so I'll just share things that I have learned from experience.

Tip of the day: Don't kill a wasp and leave said wasp on your floor. If you do leave it there, don't walk around barefoot. You might think you can avoid it but you will eventually forget and wind up with a stinger in your foot. Trust me on this one.


  1. haha, I like the tip! I shall keep it in mind.

  2. Jeez! What an awful waspy situation you were in! Feel better! Yikes. haha.

    Also, your bedding is adorable! And I totally forgot about buying bedding. ughhh so much to do before Florida! Well.. mostly waiting. haha. But still!!