Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Today is going to be full of a whole lot of helping my mom shop. I just wanted to post because I wanted to prove to myself that even when I'm busy I can update... which means I have no excuse to stop posting once my CP begins. :)

Lots of cleaning, lots of shopping, and lots of planning/semi-packing in between. It's convenient to do the Spring CP because you have Christmas right before it starts so you can just ask for things you're going to need (business-y shoes, Publix gift cards) instead of having to buy them yourself. :) I picked out some really cute shoes yesterday. I tried to find a pair of grey pants, but they are ever elusive. There was a cute pair at Target, but apparently I don't fit in women's sizes. I guess I'm not a woman? 

Shopping phase 2 is commencing, if I don't head to the car my mom might combust. Okay, she won't, but she's pretty stressed out and I would hate to be a cause of any more stress. 

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


  1. I just went out shopping with my mom again and I got lots of new clothes for the CP. :) She actually told me not to come with her when she left again because I had enough. lol. Christmas right before the CP is definitely a good thing.

  2. Hahaha. My mom is the opposite. She keeps telling me to come and trying to find me things. I think because she's trying to get up to spending the same amount on me as she has on my sisters. The problem is, I can't find anything. Haha.