Friday, December 4, 2009

One week.

One week (consisting of 3 days of 4 finals) until this semester is over. It hasn't been terrible. It hasn't been awesome. 

It's almost time for mass amounts of cookie-baking and I cannot tell you how excited I am for that. If we had had more stuff in the kitchen yesterday I probably would have baked instead of running (but that wouldn't help much with Marathon training, now would it?), but we were running low on relatively essential supplies. Yes, I could have gone to the store. No, I didn't. The running was more beneficial anyway. 

Today after yoga (it's a non-running day) I am going to finish my room once and for all. I'm tired of starting and not finishing. It's in a constant cycle of a terrible state to a half-finished state and back to terrible. It's not even anything that's bad. Mostly it's clothes. I keep forgetting to do laundry and then when I go to do it the washer and dryer are full. The rest of it is water bottles. They're everywhere. I'm single-handedly killing the planet. Everything else that isn't a clothing item or a plastic bottle of some sort is the hard part. I have very little storage in my room and most of it is already taken up. There is always a pile of some sort that has nowhere to go. However, the storage problem has now been taken care of due to the fact that I cleaned out my crazy-filled keepsake drawers. I consolidated three drawers of crap down to one drawer (mostly by throwing away stuff my 15-year-old self thought would be important 5 years later). My favorite part was the yearbooks. I hadn't read through what people wrote in them in a long time. No trash pile for those. It's funny to see who (people thought) you were. 

The best one was my senior one where I was told multiple times that my future included wedding planning at Disney World. Why I ever decided to stray from that dream is beyond me. I guess it didn't seem practical or possible. Since when has that ever stopped me? For crying out loud, I just auditioned to be a character.

I have now forgotten what I was talking about... Oh. Right. Storage. That should no longer be a problem, so full speed ahead with the reorganization of my room.

That means time to eat lunch then buckle down and get to it.

What I learned today: It's possible for you to be right when everyone else is wrong. Sometimes it takes courage and sometimes it takes strength. It's okay to be scared and it's okay to think it's hard, but you should never give up.


  1. You're marathon training?? Does want to join!

  2. Mmhmm. WDW Marathon. 2011. Whitney and I decided. You should most definitely join.

  3. Dude, totally! Yay. Now I have something else to look forward to haha.