Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lack of Blogging.

I'm really good at not updating which doesn't bode well for Florida. I'm going to make myself do it there, though, because it seems like everyone's blogs except for like 2 drop off completely after check-in or training. 

I've been really busy lately. Finals (which are over), Glory in the Highest (which is awesome and I can't wait for night 2 tonight), and various other things including but not limited to cleaning, figuring out Christmas gifts, and running errands for Glory in the Highest. If there is one thing I'm going to miss besides my family and friends it's PCC. I'm really sad that I'm going to miss out on 4 months of core team meetings and gatherings and growth and the awesomeness that I know God is going to be right at the center of. 

There's another meteor shower tonight. The forecast is cloudy. I'm pretty sure that I'm just not meant to ever see meteors in my life. It's slightly (very) disappointing. Oh well. 

On a Disney note it feels like all I ever talk about anymore is the College Program. Which is kind of cool, but I assume it's like getting married. After awhile you probably get a little tired of saying the same thing about how the wedding is coming along even though you're totally excited about it and love thinking about it and planning for it. I enjoy talking about it, but I don't like that it makes the conversation all about me. I want to hear what other people are planning about and what they're doing and it makes it really hard for that to happen. 

This has been a fairly substantial post, so now I must go and get ready (get out of bed at least) for Glory in the Highest part 2. 

Oh. And... What I learned today (or last night in this case... though it was after midnight so I suppose it counts): Using a knife to cut cork is a fine idea. Tripping while carrying said knife is a bad idea and might end in injury. You might just end up with a Spiderman band-aid though, so it won't all be bad. :)

Have a WONDERFUL Sunday!


  1. Hi! I'm doing the program too in January :)

    Meteor showers are so beautiful! I'd love to see one in my lifetime!

    I'm gonna make sure to blog often to keep my mom and family updated with pics and such from the program, I'm so excited! :D

  2. aha, im like the same when it comes to the CP. I know that everyone is going to get sick of it, but part of me doesn't care because I'm so excited.

    I have the same problem with meteor showers, there was one in November I woke up at 3 am for (on a school night that I had to wake up at 6 am), but my luck prevented me from seeing it, it was cloudy :/

    I can't wait till January :) 35 more days!