Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?

Hello dear friends. I feel like I haven't written in weeks even though it has only been days. I didn't take my computer to Passion and I probably wouldn't have had a spare moment to write anyway. If you want to know kind of what was going on go here and check out one of the main sessions. They won't be up for long, though. So hurry. :) Otherwise read through some of the tweets here and you can see some amazing things God did this weekend. 

On a CP note, I have 11 days until I leave, 12 days until I check in. That's under 2 weeks and that makes me nervous, excited, scared, and overjoyed. I feel like I can start to pack now without it being ridiculous. Haha. 

Dude, when I came home last night my dog just jumped in circles and wouldn't stop trying to lick me and all I could think about was if she missed me that much after 4 days how much she will miss me after 4 months. She'll probably disown me. To be like Christine (except it's a dog and not a cat) this is my sweet friend:

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She kind of hates to have her picture taken. :) I tried to distract her by attacking her with my face. I sneak attacked the next one. She had her head on my feet...

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(Note: Regular-sized didn't leave enough room to see the whole pictures but they're thumbnails so if you're that interested you can click them and see her precious face. Ha.)

So now the time has come to end my blog post so that I can go do laundry, dishes, and other various things. Hope you're having a great week so far!


  1. I like how you and Christine's posts are pretty much identical. Haha. Puppy!

  2. I love how your and Christine's blogposts were almost IDENTICAL, word-for-word.

    Glad you two had fun!

    See you so soon!!!