Sunday, January 10, 2010

Remember when I said all my Christmas activities were over?

I lied.

Today we're having Christmas with my stepsiblings who were on a cruise during actual Christmas. My Christmas will officially end later on today. Ha. It's been a good 18 days of Christmas.

This means that starting at the end of this blog post I'll be cleaning my room (trying to pack with a messy room is a nightmare), having Christmas lunch with the fam, and then going to Walmart with my mother to get the final things for the CP. I only need a loofah (still!), storage bins, and bed risers. Target told me online that they had bed risers, but they LIED. I could not find them anywhere in the store and neither could the very nice employee I asked. Oh, well. You can't always win. Ha. 

Tuesday or Wednesday I'm going to the DMV to get my license replaced before I leave because it has a giant crack down the middle of it. It's still in one piece, but it's split pretty badly. I don't know if this affects the validity of it as a form of ID so I'm going to get it replaced just in case. Plus, updating my picture would be awesome since I'm no longer 17. 

I feel like I'm forming the the habit of writing daily pretty nicely. Sorry if the things I'm writing about are boring now. At least a lot of them are CP preparation related. I promise things will get a whole lot more interesting in a week (A WEEK!!). Until then you'll have to put up with me babbling on about going to Walmart, the DMV, and other exciting places. Just know that if you are putting up with that, I love you for it. :)



  1. Walmart definitely has bed risers, for like $10 or so. Not badddd.

    And woot! One week!

  2. Thanks, boo.
    What section are they in?
    Not that anything is ever in the same place there...

  3. Good luck with all the packing! BTW, it's not boring. :)

    Cinder blocks make great bed risers, too!