Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello, friends. I'm officially checked in and my program has started. :) It doesn't feel totally official yet because I'm not sleeping in my apartment tonight because I'm a baby so I'm spending one more night in the hotel with my mom before she leaves tomorrow. 

Today was looooong. Fun, informative, exciting, and awesome- but long. I got to Vista around 7:45 and met up with my awesome roommate Sarah. We walked over to check-in around 8 where we filled out some housing papers, got our housing assignment (3 bedroom at Chatham, exactly what we wanted), got our housing IDs and learned when we would need to be on the bus to go to Casting (9:30). While waiting for the information on our casting session we accidentally found 3 of our 4 other roommates (who are also awesome) so that was cool. We had enough time to go over and pick out our room but that was about all we had time to do before catching the bus for Casting. We were the first group to go to Casting which was great because we got through everything relatively quickly... except for me because the fingerprint scanner didn't think any of my fingers looked like the right fingers. Also, they aren't kidding when they say it's easier to print/fill out your On-Boarding paperwork. My printer ran out of ink so I didn't have mine and while it wasn't a problem to fill it out it was just annoying to have to sit there and do it while other people were already finished. After Casting I had enough to time to go to Target and get some things I left at home (alarm clock!) and get lunch with my mom before I had to go to the housing meeting. A couple of things about the housing meeting: A. They tell you it's cold in the room and they aren't lying. B. A lot of the stuff seems like common sense but don't tune out completely because they really do give you helpful information. The meeting ended a smidge before 5 and I went back to my apartment to meet up with my mom and say bye to my roomies for the evening. Then my mom and I went to dinner and now I'm chilling back at the hotel. 

Here's the deal- people who say check-in day is tiring know what they're talking about. You'll be tired but it isn't unmanageable. Just go into it knowing that it's a lot to handle in one day. The good news is that you'll have Tuesday to let all of it soak in. 

I'm in group one for Traditions so my bust leaves bright and early at 6:45 which is fine by me because I'd love to get it done first thing and have the rest of the day. My park orientation (DAKlimation, I'm Dinoland Merch) is Friday. 

Oh- you may have noticed I didn't mention moving my stuff in. That's because I have an amazing mother and when I got back from Casting ALL of my things were moved in and unpacked. I was so happy and grateful. :)

I think that that's a sufficient amount of information (or I hope it is because I'm about to fall asleep). 

Hope you've had a great start to an even greater week!



  1. It's so surreal that you're already there. I can't wait to see your face agaaaaain! & I hope these week isn't too rough on you :) Props on writing a blog entry when you have to be exhausted hahah. HAVE A GOOD WEEK BOO BOO BEAR!

    Oh, and if you realize somewhere along the line you forgot to bring something from your house just lemme know and I'll bring it down.

  2. Not something that I need, per se, but your GameCube is still at my hizzouse, so you might want it. It's in the left cabinet under the tv in the family room. Also, the case for Super Smash Bros. should be in one of the two stacks of stuff on the small dresser that my tv was on. Should you want those things.

  3. I'm so excited for you! :) And I have to admit I'm getting more and more jealous you got Dinoland. I really hope I get placed somewhere that cool!

    And dude, you should want those things. Haha.

  4. Congrats on what sounds like an excellent first day. Also, congrats on the great work location.

  5. Heyyyy Welcome to Disney World! Any chance your my 3 bedroom in Chatham neighbor? I'm in building 7. :)

  6. Thanks, guys!

    Marina- I'm in building 5. :)

  7. Woooooooo!
    I'm excited for you!

    (Also, my wireless died last night... I would have said bye if I knew it was going to do that, lol.)

  8. Diggin' diggin' in...Dinoland.

    Meet up soon? Think so! :)