Friday, January 15, 2010

Countdown: 2 (2?!?!)

I can't believe that the day after tomorrow is when I'm leaving. I just got an email from Disney College Recruiting reminding me to check out the website for transportation information. The reminder was nice but I was more excited because it seemed like they had forgotten about me. I hadn't heard anything from them in quite some time. 

Packing is a pain. I like packing for vacations, but this is completely different. My room looks like things exploded in it which wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't just cleaned it. Almost all of my clothes are packed, as well as most of my bathroom stuff and my jewelry and other various things like that. I still need to pack up things like hangers, my alarm clock, and random things like sunscreen and my umbrella. I plan to be finished by the end of today.

Today's picture for the countdown isn't a great picture. Strange that I would choose it, then. I picked it not because of any cute pose (we both look really awkward), not because of cute children (we were 18 and 21 at the time of the picture), and not because it's an original picture of any kind. I picked it because I'm standing with my sister in front of a ride that we both love and that we couldn't wait to ride together again (it had been 5 years). /Sentimental rant

So here it is, picture #2:


Happy Friday! 



  1. Oh man I am so jealous! Have fun!

  2. i LOVED that ride!!! glad that i stumbled across this blog here :) katie - have an amazing time at WDW!!! will miss seeing you each sunday, but am so excited for you and for what God has in store for you!!! we will not forget to take a road trip down to visit you... whitney, aynsley, janet, erica, and me... and anyone else who can fit in the reeves suburban :) praying for you... esther