Friday, January 1, 2010

2 to the 0 to the 1 to the 0

Happy 2010!  

Hope you had (/have if you're on the west coast) a wonderful New Year's Eve and did fun things. I am not a party person but Christine, Ivy, and I watched Disney Channel, played Wii, ate a lot of food, drank sparkling grape juice/cider and turned to good old Dick Clark just in time to catch J. Lo's craziness that was somehow classified as a "performance" and watch the ball drop. They had it split screen so we also watched the peach drop. Yay for New Year's in the ATL. It's officially ONE more day until Passion now. I was downtown on the 30th helping out and it hit me how excited I am for it all to just start. :) 

This also means that I am officially 16 days away from leaving and 17 days away from check-in. Ahhhh!!!! 

Have a fabulous start to your new year! Oh. And a large thank you to you if you're following me. :) It makes me feel really happy to think that I might be helping someone now or in the future... even if it's just one of you. :)

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