Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free day.

Today I had a free day and hung out with my awesome roommate, Sarah. We went to Animal Kingdom and rode Everest (the first time for both of us, we held hands), checked out Dinoland (rode Primeval Whirl and looked at costumes), and went on the good ol' Safari. We also went to Epcot where I finally rode Test Track. We also bopped through World Showcase and found our dream Canadian Man (we WILL find him again) and spent a ridiculous amount of time in Norway making fabulous assumptions about life there.

I have my first day of training tomorrow. Now all I need to do is figure out how in the heck to get to Animal Kingdom Cast Services from the bus stop. Oh well, good thing I'm leaving early. :)

I'm tired and don't want to write anymore, but if you want to check out pictures from today and the rest of my program, find them on Facebook here: I don't think you have to be my friend to look at them, but feel free to add me. :)


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  1. The whole 'finding your way around backstage' is what I'm really worried about. Good luck!