Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Less than a WEEK.

So, once I got into the cleaning I REALLY got into the cleaning. I've now scrubbed every inch of my bathroom with bleach cleaner. I still need to vacuum all the dog hair out of my room (and my sister's room because she's nice enough to let Jessie sleep in there sometimes) and I need to do my laundry but I only have like 3 loads so it isn't so bad. /run-on sentence

My roommate texted me today with a fun little reminder that we only have 6 DAYS until check-in. :) As in less than a week. As in I leave in 5 days. That's not a lot of days. I expect it to go ridiculously quickly only because I'm not entirely sure that I'm ready to leave home yet and because I pretty much have stuff to do every day until then. Thursday was my free day until I realized that I forgot to plan on a time to go to the DMV today so that got moved to Thursday. 

I went to Target with my mom last night and got really cute storage bins and a loofah (finally!). We're going to Walmart on Friday to get bed risers and anything that I realize I don't have when I'm packing. It's weird to think that I probably already should have started packing when a few weeks ago I couldn't wait to pack but didn't want to start too early. 

I've heard birds singing all day today. I think they're confused. It's still January. Why are they even here? Maybe they want me to feel like Cinderella/Snow White while I'm cleaning. Or maybe I've breathed in too much bleach. But I'm going to go with the first option. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day! (Stay away from bleach-induced birds.) 



  1. Because they want you to open the window so they can come and and help you clean. And make a pie. DUH.

    WEDNESDAY. Will be crunk day. Get your party hat.

  2. That post made me LOL about the birds. I want birds singing to me while I clean...
    actually...I hate cleaning, so maybe not :)

  3. ...Someone thinks she's a princess. Haha. Just kidding. Please make my days of waiting go as fast as yours!

  4. I didn't start packing until this past weekend, and I start on the 20th. Don't worry- you'll be just fine!!!

    I'm going to say too much bleach... jk ;)