Saturday, January 16, 2010

Countdown: ONE!!!!!

I leave tomorrow. :) At 9 am I'll be headed to Disney and I can't wait. I'm essentially finished packing. 

This pile of nonsense is going with me (not the guitars, they just happen to be where I'm piling my stuff): IMG_6606

As well as the two clear/green bins in this one: IMG_6607

I just realized that I'm in that picture. Ha. Oh well.

I had quite a fight with my Space Bag last night. First, I couldn't get the air to suck out because I'm stupid and put the hose in the vacuum the wrong way (which took me forever to realize). By the time I figured that out my stuff had gotten shifted over the stop line which I didn't realize. When I sucked the air out it made the zipper part open up and the air kept leaking out. I finally figured it out and fixed it and now my comforter, mattress pad, memory foam, and pillow are wonderfully compacted.

Last night I hung out with my family. My sister (not the one in yesterday's picture) came to our house because her husband is out of town so I got to eat dinner with both of my sisters and my mom and my stepdad. After dinner my mom suggested we hang out some more so we went to see The Princess and the Frog (sans my stepdad). I really enjoyed the movie, but I enjoyed being with my sisters and my mom even more. :) We rarely hang out with all 4 of us anymore. 

Since today is the last day before I leave, it's time for my favorite picture of all from my last trip. My dad thought he was being sneaky and taking a surprise picture, but my sister and I saw him taking it and posed for it. It's also on another ride that both of us just love. :)

Picture #1: 


 Have a fabulous day! 



  1. How exciting! I hope you still find the time to blog when you're in FL. :)

  2. Don't worry, Jenn! I promise to keep updating. :) I'll try to update as close to daily as I can.

  3. I have never had any sort of luck with those space saver bags.